Would you like to be notified when new content appears here at The Innovative Instructor? You can subscribe to the blog in one of two ways – by using a feed reader or by email.

1) You can subscribe to the blog by pasting the URL into your feed reader.

What is a feed reader? A feed reader is an application that aggregates updated web content, such as online news sites, web-based journals, podcasts, and blogs. So instead of having to visit a number of different websites each day to see whether there is new content, you simply go to your feed reader and see everything in one place. You may see the term RSS, which stands for Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication used. RSS is the format fed to a reader, such as Feedly or FeedReader.

2) Submit your email address below and new blog entries will be sent to your inbox as they are posted.


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    • You should be able to subscribe by filling in the email box above, or by following the directions above to use an RSS feed. If the email box doesn’t appear on your page, let us know.

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